Lettie Becker: BEST Marketing Presentation, Event Coordinator, Marketing

Todd Becker: Assistant to the Assistant, FRC Field Construction Coordinator

Terry Boxx: Design Engineer Supervisor

Mary Helen Brauninger: Eye candy, BEST Spirit and Sportsmanship, Grants

Steve Campbell: FLL Lead Mentor

Marissa Carter: BEST Lead Mentor

Daniel Catton: Alumni Mentor

Sean Chartier: BEST Critical Analyst & Strategist

Jeff Cosens: BEST Programming and Tools

Natasha Cosens: BEST Team Exhibit

Karl Dains: FLL Lead Mentor

Roye Dillon: Shop Mentor

Kim Glackin: FLL Mentor

Shawn Glasgow: FRC Coach

Reid Hall: FLL Lead Mentor

Barb Horsey: Event Coordinator

Mark Horsey: Shop and Build Supervisor

Bobby Katon: BEST Marketing Presentation

Gina Kjar: Event Coordinator

Jim Kjar: Accident Specialist, General Council, FRC Build Mentor

Chris Lawatsch: President and CEO of CHAOS, Master of the Grill

Joey McGee: Programming Advisor

Matt McGinnis: 3D Printer Mentor

Mary Kathleen Morgan: Shop Monitor, willing participant, hobbit, and paper products

Tom Morgan: Design and Shop Mentor

Tom Otsubo: Engineering Mentor

Lori Palmer: Marketing Specialist

Jon Pennington: BEST Shop Mentor

Bec Pennington: BEST Team Exhibit

Mary Reed: BEST Notebook Mentor Extraordinaire

Mike Sanders: BEST Shop Mentor

Trevor Stacy: Alumni Mentor

Michelle Vircks: Top of the Heap, Coach, Everything Mentor

Scott Vircks: Coach’s assistant, Robot Driving Coach, Financial

Kevin Wilcoxon: Safety and Shop Specialist

Jamie Wise: BEST Notebook, Book sale

Justin Wise: Programming

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